Pursuing my career choice in nursing

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School of Nursing

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The Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Nursing The Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Nursing Nursing is a highly respected career choice, but it can also be a challenging route to take and requires someone who is benevolent, dedicated and passionate about maintaining the health and well-being of the general public.

However, along with the high demands comes a career option that can be personally. Pursuing a career as a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner has always been my driving goal throughout all my education and training since the age of seventeen. Over the past three years working within a Surgical Inpatient unit as a Registered Nurse, I have become aware of the lack of community resources and access to health care available in.

Once upon a time, I was freaking out over an impending job change, when my former boss told me something that changed my life She said, “People hesitate so much before making career decisions, but the decision itself doesn’t matter.

Aug 06,  · I failed the Nursing Program. 5 years of so much effort and sacrifice and I have nothing to show for it now. I'm in my 40s and this was a career change for me. Me and my nursing career As a child, a nurse wearing a white uniform and a doctor wearing white coat fascinated me.

2 My Career My Choice My Career “It’s time to choose” was the repetitive statement my mind struggled with after I finished my high school governmental exams. Deciding my major was like trying to swim upstream.

CYEP Career Opportunities Available

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Pursuing my career choice in nursing
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The Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Nursing - Adventures of a Nurse