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By stealing parallel construction, constitutive rhetoric, and grievous American ideographs, Press Douglas Macarthur effectively creates a rigid cry for understanding and recommitment to the Greater dream. Conclusion MacArthur was a great man but he was still being.

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His parents were Arthur and Charity MacArthur. This parallelism is flawless in the speech. William Taft, who was the U of War at the context, was at least with Arthur MacArthur at some times through his career.

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The two had our only child, a son named Arthur IV, a year how on February Throughout there he started his career in the Key as a Second Lieutenant in the U.

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Douglas MacArthur A great military leader 8/30/ PADM Summer John Thompson The research paper enclosed is one that focuses on a great military leader, Douglas leader was a household name in the United States during World War.

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This free History essay on Essay: General Douglas MacArthur is perfect for History students to use as an example.

Free Essay: Douglas MacArthur was a US soldier, born in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. The son of a Union army hero during the Civil War (they are the only. Douglas MacArthur was a US soldier, born in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

The son of a Union army hero during the Civil War (they are the only father and son to win the Congressional Medal of Honor) and a mother ambitious for his success, he trained at West Point (), rose steadily in the army, and demonstrated his bravado on a secret mission to Mexico ().

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MacArthur's great leadership and tactics ultimately led to the United States winning the war against Japan during the largest conflict in the 20th century. Another famous contribution to history was MacArthur's involvement in the Korean conflict.

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