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I have identified the poem Beach Appreciated and some information about Slessor to make you get more from the essay.

Beach Burial Kenneth Slessor

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Kenneth Slessor

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Slessor shows the compassionate action of those who find intriguing to bury the unidentified fatalities with some information. The guns were clubbing away in the report" Was this an important line to use as a writing?.

Kenneth Slessor was an Australian poet and war correspondent who wrote Beach Burial, Slessor sailed for Britain in May. This influenced him to write poems about the horrific war stories that he had seen while being in many countries overseas.

Beach Burial is a 5 stanza poem the goes in depth of the Burial in North Africa. Beach burial by Kenneth Slessor Beach Burial is able to be a lament poem with the use of the ‘convoy of dead sailors’ and the focus on an individual ‘unknown seaman’, this gives the poem power as it clearly shows the lack of ceremony at their burial.

Beach Burial- Kenneth Slessor The poem “Beach Burial”, was written about Kenneth Slessors experience during World War II in El Alamein, Egypt. Kenneth Slessor was an Australian poet and journalist, who was the correspondent reporting from North Africa.

Beach Burial Kenneth Slessor Posted in Other Free Essays Beach Burial – Kenneth Slessor Kenneth Slessor, author of Beach Burial, was the Australian Official Correspondent in El Alamein, the Middle East during WWII.

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Beach Burial (Kenneth Slessor)- AnalysisSoftly and Humbly to the Gulf of Arabs,The convoys of dead sailors come;At night they sway and wander in the waters far under,But morning rolls them in the unavocenorthernalabama.comn the sob and clubbing of the gunfire Someone 5/5(1).

Kenneth Slessor wrote the poem Beach Burial whilst he completed his occupation as the official Australian Correspondent in the Middle East. Due to Slessor’s observations of the war at close quarters he soon learnt about the horrific horrors of war.

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