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The authoritative parenting style: Warmth, rationality, and high standards

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Introduction Parenting a child from infant to the adult stage is a full-time responsibility that every parent takes on. The type of style used to socialize their children to conform adequately to the expected standards of conduct to function successfully in their society is the option that is decided by each parent.

Authoritative-parenting who are flexible and responsive to the child's needs but still enforce reasonable standards of authoritative approach involves effective parental communication with their offspring.

Developing empathy and understanding creates a positive atmosphere in which the children can thrive. Essay on Parenting. Authoritative Parenting Essay Sample.

This research paper will provide an overview of the research on authoritative parenting and the impact that it has on the development of pre-school and teenage children.

Authoritative Parenting Essay Sample

Establishing discipline through authoritative parenting is an effective style because it displays secure emotional development, allows a higher quality of supportive peer relationships and enhances problem-solving skills for the child.

Authoritative parenting style is the most democratic parenting style among the other types of parenting styles (Cherry, b). According to experts, if you wish to raise a self-reliant, pleasant and a well-behaved child, then authoritative parenting style is the one.

Essay on authoritative parenting
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