Essay on auditors independence

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Independence of External Auditor

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Auditor Independence – 2

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Impossibility of Auditor Independence

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Auditor Independence

The Need For Auditors Independence Accounting Essay The issue of auditor independence is a crucial element and very important for the audit profession. This concept has been discussed widely and many definitions have been presented in literature.

Auditor independence refers to the auditors being free of any relationships with the client organizations that may influence their opinion while conducting the audit. This is necessary for both internal and external auditors to ensure they provide shareholders with a professional and unbiased opinion.

Introduction Independence is a fundamental to the reliability of auditors’ reports. It is an attitude of mind characterized by integrity and an objective approach to professional works. Audit Fee Audit fee is a premium which is the company pay to the external auditor in exchange the auditing service.

InMathieu Luypaert and Tom Van Caneghem states that the majority of acquired firms switch to the auditor of the acquiring firm after a takeover.

Auditor independence could be compromised if a member of client finance staff was a recent colleague of audit staff; or if current auditors had an expectation that they could obtain an appointment with the client in the near future/5(1).

The auditor may reluctance to invest time and resources in learning the client’s organization and activities when the auditor’s mandate is short and rotation date approaches could lose interest in the client.

10 It involved significant cost for both client and auditor.

Essay on auditors independence
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Auditor Independence Essay