Current perspectives on dual career families

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Dual Career Families The societies in the United States and other societies abroad are enduring many changes at a rather rapid rate. The changes that I am specifically referencing are those involved with altering the norms and cultural traditions among marriages.

"Current Perspectives on Dual-Career Families" In the essay entitled "Current Perspectives on Dual-Career Families" written by Lucia Albino Gilbert. It talks about how the children of dual-career families are effect and the gender roles are change in a dual-career family.

The dual-career family lifestyle is becoming more common with Extension professionals and the genereal population.

What are their educational needs? What are suggested programming strategies? Based on a study of 71 such families, the authors have some suggestions for. With the number of dual-career families and single parents increasing, the level of stress in the typical worker's life is also intensified.

The better social support is understood, the more guidance and alternatives can be provided to the stressed worker of today. More generally, grounded in an ecological developmental perspective, our research highlights the everyday experiences of youth and their families using daily diary methods to capture family members’ time use and its correlates along with more typical, interview and survey methods.

Current perspectives on dual career families
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Essay on dual career issues faced by women in science