Career option in tourism

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Travel and Tourism : Introduction

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Career Options After 12th Science

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Catwalk at every functional discipline in the industry involves dealing directly with stimuli. You can still get the conflict you deserve from your personal education or your life work or life experience. Looking for career videos? Check out the Career and Cluster videos on CareerOneStop.

Course & Career Options: Eligibility to pursue course/ career: Engineering is one of the sought after careers in India if you have scored something between 50% and 60%, engineering is a lucrative option for you.

Articles on career options in india for a student who had completed his/ her 10th, 12th, graduation in the various fields like Arts,Media,Engineering,Architecture, Travel and Tourism,Health Care and Allied Fields,Fashion, Beauty Care etc. Hospitality and tourism career opportunities await!

The travel & tourism industry makes up % of global GDP, and it’s still growing. Responsible for one out of every eleven jobs worldwide, the industry is the world’s largest employer according to the World Tourism Organization UNWTO.

India being a diverse nation in terms of geography, history, culture and language, the scope for travel and tourism is wide. If you have a charming personality and passion for seeing new places, career options in travel and tourism industry are immense.

About Travel & Tourism College (TTC) Travel and tourism professionals from across the West and Southwest U.S. convene for one week each summer for an intensive curriculum of travel & tourism marketing, management, and leadership courses.

Career option in tourism
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