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They revolted against their captors and win, but are later defeated by a group of Americans. “ Amistad “ Reaction The movie ” Amistad ” was a great movie. while watching this movie in class, the begining of the movie was kind of intense, but then throughtout the next scenes it was kind of boring.

In a time obsessed with victims, moral heroes have never been more important: who exemplify how to live in the world instead of just existing in it. May 30,  · This post is my reflection paper about the movie "Amistad" in my subject Philosophy of Human Person.

The realities of slavery and human labor were clearly depicted in the movie Amistad. It showed how slaves were gathered and caught, brought in to the market to be sold, and their treatment while on their way to be sold.

Amistad Essay example - Vanessa Breslow Professor Dublin 11/17/99 History L’Amistad The Amistad, ironically a ship that means “friendship,” was the setting of one of the most historical slave revolts led by black Africans in

Amistad reflective essay
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