A personal journey in pursuit of a career in the field of public health

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Master of Science in Health Informatics

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Master of Public Administration

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Scholarship Opportunities

It echoes richer family lives and links for all of us. Take a journey into the past and reminisce about great moments in Philadelphia history.

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In our eCatalog, you can find all of our courses and the curriculum we use to keep your staff and your organization at their best. Biotechnology is responsible for many of the things that make our lives better. The field focuses on the intersection of biology and technology, leading to a vast array of new products that are designed to enrich lives, make day-to-day living easier, and make us healthier.

For 20 years, Shine worked under Roger Ailes - a mercurial, headstrong, conspiratorial, and punishing boss with a long trail of sexual harassment allegations.

A personal journey in pursuit of a career in the field of public health
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